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Quality roof repair across the Wellington region

Your re-roofing and repair specialist

Call Bryan 027 235 8018 / 04 234 8606

Specialist in:

✓ Roofing repairs to all roof types
✓ Finding and fixing leaks
✓ Flashings – repair & replace
✓ Rusted roofs
✓ All other roof repairs 

If your roof is looking tired, and not doing the rest of your home justice, consider Prime Roofing for your roof repairs or re-roofing solution in Wellington.

Bryan will breathe new life into your roof, while adding any number of additional features. 

From fixing leaks and replacing tiles to major repair works, Bryan can take care of everything quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait for further damage to occur: call the expert and have your roof repaired today. 

With the experience and expertise required to handle any job, big or small, Prime Roofing Ltd is your first choice for re-roofing services and repairs in Wellington. 

Bryan is able to travel to Wairarapa and also up to Levin if required.

Prime Roofing Ltd provides a complete selection of roofing services

Prime Roofing Ltd provides a complete selection of roofing services.

Bryan is a specialist in domestic residential roofing projects and provides professional re-roofing and repair services:

✓ Roof restorations
✓ Re-roofing
✓ Roof repair
✓ Butynol
✓ New roofs and extensions
✓ Additions such as skylights
✓ Removal of Chimneys

Looking after Wellington homes with over 40 years in the roofing industry, Bryan undertakes all quality workmanship himself. He will come to you and provide expert advice on the best solution for your property.